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The fate of Marcus is an exploration game, made with cubes.

The fate of Marcus

A story driven, audio-visual exploration game taking place in a voxels' composed world. In each game, you discover a brand new world, procedurally generated, in which notes from a previous explorer are hidden, telling his story.


The player follows the story of Marcus through his notes scattered all over the world. Marcus was a bored gardener, and when he saw an ad about a space travel to establish a society on another planet, he jumped at the opportunity and boarded right away.

The world, made of voxels, is composed of forests, cliffs, rivers, and flowers (yes, I love flowers, so you will see a lot of them in the game). I tried to recreate a realistic environment through dynamic fog and wind, affecting both flowers and water. Each time the game start up, a brand new world is generated (but the progression of the player is kept, no worries).

Note : it isn't mandatory to follow the storyline by collecting Marcus' notes, you can just explore the world while listening to the restful soundtrack, I tried to make a game which could help people to relax after a hard day of work. :)


There is an in-game tutorial (because it's cool) to explain the commands, but here they are (in case you want to skip it) :

  • WASD to move on qwerty keyboard, ZQSD on azerty
  • Escape to get back your mouse (the game will try to eat it because it loves mouse)
  • the god mode can be activated using... wait, actually there is no god mode, forget that
  • Space is used to jump
  • U to run/walk
  • Zoom with Q (qwerty), A (azerty)
  • Stop/Play music with O
  • Start putting a bloc with E, move it around with WASD (or ZQSD), validate with E (or abort with R)


  • Keyboard and mouse support
  • A new world each time you launch the game !
  • A story told through notes
  • And cookies ! wait no, we don't have cookies

Configuration needed to run the game

  • 64 bits computer
  • OpenGL 3.3 and later is required
  • At least 1GB of RAM

Side notes

The game was tested and runs on Windows 10 and Linux Mint 18. If you encounter any problem, leave a comment below!


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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tfom-linux-universal.zip 5 MB
Version 23
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Version 13

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